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  2. Something sounds seriously wrong. Can you take your old pan and line up the holes with the new pan and see where the new pan goes wrong? I'm not able to look closely at your pan, but it does sound like it was put together incorrectly. This is a welded pan, so a lot will depend on the skill of the welder and the attention paid to the assembly.
  3. Hans W.

    Motorsport M-Technik steering wheel 38 cm

    Unfortunately not
  4. Hans W.

    Neue Klasse steering wheel

    Thanks guys!
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  7. So far this is the only identifying label on the system. I’ll remove the expansion valve next time I’m at the shop for some internal pics. The housing is ABS and fully enclosed the evaporator. Theres a pan that drains through a hole in the trans tunnel. At the back of the housing is a squirrel cage fan that blows up through a sleeve and into the dash vents places on both the right and left sides (first time I’ve seen this) of the gauge binnacle.
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  9. my 71 (may 1970 build) has a factory rear window with defrost. i think it works too because i had to use it once a few years ago living in LA means i have never really had a need for it i guess lol
  10. joebarthlow

    1968 1600

    heading to vegas next month, was considering looking at it...
  11. Dump out 32 years old gas. Looks very brown/red , will soak it with cider vineyar to remove rust.
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  13. bmasho

    Motorsport M-Technik steering wheel 38 cm

    Is this available?
  14. I have a pair of barely used BF Torino front seats, with matching rear seat covers, which I removed from my 1974 Turbo for the sake of authenticity when I found a pair of Rentrop seats in Germany. These are high quality new production seats in the style of early 70's Recaros manufactured by a highly regarded shop in Torino, Italy. They have adapter plates for mounting to the OEM seat track holes on 2002's. The seats have their own seat tracks with a towel bar release, bypassing the stock 2002 paddle. Seat back dump is by another towel bar on the back of the seats. The seats are covered in BMW spec black vinyl with perforated inserts. New price from BF Torino is almost 2000 EUR plus shipping from Italy for the front seats alone. These are popular with the early Porsche 911 crowd, too, but I wanted to give my people a chance first... DM with questions. Local pickup (Ventura County, California) is the most practical.
  15. 2002#2

    76 restomod - NM/NA

    Any chance whatsoever this car has a visible engine?
  16. mccusername

    76 restomod - NM/NA

    I think the car is the bot...
  17. mccusername

    6v battery tray

    Looking for an early 6v battery tray like the one pictured below. Rusty is OK if it's good enough to make a template from. Thanks Michael
  18. Waiting for my strut housings to get here so today I got storage survivor running, barely. Wont accelerate very far out of idle before it dies, is leaking lots of oil from timing cover and sounds like a beer can harvester. Right now I'm thinking very unhappy timing chain. The racket its making and the low compression (100 to 105) doesn't bode well .
  19. mccusername

    help with Weber indentification

    This is me asking for references, I guess. People seem to have very positive experiences buying Weber and Solex parts from alfa1750, I wonder if anyone here has bought entire rebuilt carbs? @AceAndrew what do you see on his rebuilds that is no bueno? I don't know enough about them to judge by looks alone.
  20. Conserv

    2002/1600 parts

    The 2.0-liter engine appears to have a type 121 head, cast in September 1969 (9 nubs surrounding “69”). Both are consistent with a head for an early 1970 model. The block accompanying it will have both an engine number (7 digits on the flat boss at the rear of the left side of the block, just above the starter nose) and a casting date (on the right side of the block, in the vicinity of the number 1 and 2 freeze plugs). The 1.6-liter engine will have analogous markings. The head, however, is likely a type 118. The transmission will have a casting date for the housing. It’s inside the bell housing, right where the starter nose inserts into the bell housing. Below, as illustrations: engine number 2742541 (my ‘76), a block cast October 31, 1973, and a transmission housing cast April 1968. Regards, Steve
  21. Simeon

    steering box

    To answer my own question from earlier, while the sector roller assembly is different between LHD and RHD, the roller itself looks to be the same as the shaft through the middle and the slot it runs in is skewed on the shaft. LHD is skewed one way and RHD the other. The worm and roller in my old box actually look OK. Maybe some microscopic galling on the polished surfaces. I would risk trying to polish that with some fine emery cloth. The shaft in the centre of the sector roller looks like it might have been secured by welding (judging by the heat affected zone visible). I wonder if that would give way with some work with a hammer and punch, or maybe a press? I am guessing it will be too hard to easily drill out. I am definitely going to enquire about RHD kits as I would love to have a fresh box on the shelf (or sell it for my retirement). I wonder if they provide instructions for installing the bearings as well?
  22. Conserv

    76 restomod - NM/NA

    Uh-oh: the Ray bot is in top form.... 😉😯😋 Must have had his algorithm tweaked...😁 Best regards, Steve
  23. Were 32/36 carbs ever factory or dealer installed? Got the storage survivor running today sort of, it will idle but open up the throttle more and it stumbles and dies. IMG_0310.MOV
  24. Conserv

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Is it a Frigiking system, Jake? How about a photo showing the complete evaporator? Thanks and best regards, Steve
  25. Bibm5


    Cool, I'll make an effort to be at the March meet in woodstock. Life is pretty busy these days so it's hard to make it to the far away meets but i might try to make it one day. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  26. Mario Falfan

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Bumper Conversion
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