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  2. kidc

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Spent the best part of this evening flicking through the first half of this thread! This forum and all your cars are awesome. Here's my '02, I believe it's changed hands a few times between members of this forum since being beautifully restored by @billpatterson. Hoping to hang on to it for a while! Third time lucky in trying to buy one, I picked up 'Hanna' the weekend before getting married. This photo was taken a few days later in Yountville, California with a Nikon 35Ti. A set of BBS RS's should be on their way from Germany any minute now so there will be a set of mint Rota RB's for sale in due course! More photos after the switch. aj
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  4. Tim of Capitola

    4 Yokohama A539 185/60r13 tires (nearly new)

    Hi still available? Tim in Capitola
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  6. I just now finish reading your entire post. Wow, great job! Incredible. You and your brother have great skills. Love the pictures. Cheers, Ozzy
  7. AceAndrew

    "Cleanest/Drop in" M20?

    In regards to the transmission tunnel, the cleanest drop-in M20 would consist of a Getrag 245 5-speed from an E21 323i (or 320/6). This would require hammering of the transmission tunnel, and repositioning the shift lever hole rearward 2"-2.5" (or running a super-short selector rod). The transmission mounts would be cut off and repositioned down the tunnel. However, you are doing an automatic, and that throws all the above out of the window. I don't know of anyone who has done an M20 swap with an automatic.
  8. mccusername

    Scam Alert johnmatukas

    Me too, same exact same message. Michael
  9. Mitch_M

    Wtb early half axel

    Can you post or PM me a photo of what you’re looking for? I may have something in my parts stash. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Just the thing for my 2/69 production 2002! mike
  11. oh2ryan

    WTB: Turbo Trunk Board Risers

    FAQers, I am interested in buying a complete set up from the trunk of a 2002 turbo that raised the trunk boards up to accommodate the wider spare tire and fuel tank. Does anyone out there have these pieces of wood laying around not going to use?! Worst case I will make my own, but I would love to find BMW pieces. Thanks, Ryan 5303061066
  12. Bam_1956

    WTB: Stock front seat sliders

    Looking for a full set of stock front seat sliders.
  13. jackhossross

    Car for sale-1972 inka orange 2002tii

    Was this bought by TNam? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. mike

    To rebuild now or later

    +1. My '69 has 226k miles on the original engine--drove it around all summer, including a trip to Pittsburgh from Dayton--ran just fine with only a semi-moderate oil thirst. Your compression figures aren't out of line for a 100k mile engine. Are you using 20W-50 oil? M10s seem to like it for other than very cold climates. And with all the sitting your car has done, some driving may loosen up some gummed-up rings or sticky valves and actually improve those compression figures. For the oily plug in #2 cylinder, go one heat range hotter if it tends to foul (it's #4 on my 69's engine). For now, just drive and enjoy--enough to get hooked on it so when the engine really does need a rebuild, you'll be gung-ho to do it. cheers, and welcome to active 02 ownership mike
  15. oh2ryan

    Swan neck mirror gaskets

    They're out there! Ill look around for my spare. I bought extras when I had my 1600, I know I saved at least one...
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  17. Thanks Sahara, lots of time, money and effort were put into making this. Yes the course indicator works. It is out of a 72 Cessna.
  18. Conserv

    spare tire tiedown bolt

    And of course even the 1974 2002 turbos had to...endure the rectangular spare tire hold-down, designed for the earlier steel rims. Below, VIN’s 4290376 and 4290675, respectively, reveal their spares with rectangular hold-downs. Notice that the first owner, perhaps tired of the bad fit, flipped the hold-down upside down! Regards, Steve
  19. hellayego

    Swan neck mirror gaskets

    Hello squad, I’m avidly looking for gaskets to pair with my swan neck mirror set up. At minimum, I’m looking for ONE of these black rubber gaskets (see photo). If the internet is feeling beyond generous, I will find up to FOUR gaskets for these early mirrors to cover both of my projects. Interested in both used and NOS... Thank you in advance. Fingers crossed, Yego Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. DaveW

    WTB Hirschmann Antenna for 2002

    Thanks guys but I have found one already.
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  22. $1.00 (1 Bid) End Date: Saturday Dec-15-2018 19:23:40 PST Bid now | Add to watch list View the full listing
  23. When I saw the post about Double 02 Salvage, I felt sad. I am happy that all is okay and they are in business. I have been a customer for many years and they have always exceeded my expectations. Not only have they provided me parts, but they have rebuilt by differential and drive axles. When the engine builder misplaced the engine's lift hook, they sourced one from a 320i; cutting off the sensor made it an exact match. I needed a local reference to a welder to fix my front sub frame and they had an excellent resource in the same neighborhood. I like the salvage yard feel. The cars (many 2002's) parked on American Avenue are always awesome to see. The weekly wreck in the parking lot is always a plus. The staff is very helpful. I hope the revenue received from providing parts for newer model BMW's allows them to continue supporting our cars for many years!
  24. Jbaumshelter

    5 sp swap opinions

    I'm doing the auto trans to 5 speed conversion now. Talk to Dave @ Aardvarc Racing. He will be familiar with everything you need and he also can get you a driveshaft or at least have your driveshaft balanced. But a few of the hot buttons are: 1. Auto Drive shaft will not work. It's too short. 2. Need a new peddle box 3. You don't need a new speedo cable because the automatic speedo cable is longer already. 4. Aardvarc sells a 5 speed conversion as well as Blunttech. Keep in mind the kits are assuming that you already have some parts from a 4 speed. Your going to need a few odd's and ends that don't come in either kit.
  25. mokeefe

    Scam Alert johnmatukas

    Similar he sent me an email today, telling me he only takes money-gram! This is a photo he sent me of the lid for a ZF steering box.... I smelt a rat in his initial email.
  26. Vicleonardo1

    Rotella T5 15W-40, still good?

    Posted this before.***Good-read*** Seems the Dino version of Valvoline VR1 has some good properties for us Zinc dependent drivers... Interesting tidbit Sometimes mixing in an additive (even ZDDP) can reduce the overall effectiveness of the the oil. Cheers!
  27. Vicleonardo1

    Resonator delete or other exhaust spice-up?

    Channeling the teenager from the late 70's....he speaks and says..... Glasspacks.... One or maybe two...Magnaflow makes them too... $35. But what do I know, I ain't no Toby....
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