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parting 1974 bmw 2002!

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i am parting a sahara 1974 bmw 2002. it has no engine/suspension/interior but i have that stuff from my other car, so consider this a complete partout. rust free front fenders, hood, trunk. decent dash, good front seats. all stock suspension and the motor has about 17X,XXX miles with the 4 speed manual. has weber carb, unsure how to tell size, any help? car is located in nebraska. just ask for a part and ill let you know price/availability/condition, etc.

thanks, kevin

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ok everybody, quite the response! i will reply to you all via email in the morning but for now ill fill you in! i wont be able to get to the car til next week sometime as it is not at my current residence. i also havent seen the car in awhile so the descriptions are from best memory and i will let you know if i discover otherwise!

the dash/guage cluster are available. dash, im unsure of but is decent if i recall. the guage cluster is good cosmetically, but i am unsure how it works as this was never running during my ownership, but i assume its good.

chrome belt trim is all available and in pretty good condition.

i have the lighter tan (name?) interior, so thats the color of the seats. the are in great condition, no rips or tears.

fenders are in fact undented and unrusted. i will get pictures for you when i return to the car.

passenger door im not sure about. it had one good door and one bad door. ill let you know which is which. would you want the glass as well?

center console is not there i dont believe, but i can double check.

black trim is gone. i may have the old stuff from my car sittin around tho.

trunk lock has already been cut out.

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