2002 Heater blower CFM info

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I notice there have been some posts asking about the heater blower motor CFM ratings. As far as I can tell, the BMW Blue Book, Haynes Manual and even an old 1600 workshop Manual I have doesn't list this information.

The 1968 2002 owner's manual only shows "2 speed blower" on page 71 (specifications section).

My 2002 owner's handbook (printed 1972) DOES have the following information on page 93 in the Specifications section:

"Fresh air heater with warm water heat exchanger and 3-speed axial blower (120 watts). Output volume: 1st speed 2.5 cubic meters/minute (98.3 CFM); 2nd speed: 3.7 cu.m/min (130.6 CFM); 3rd speed: 5.1 cu.m/min (180.1 CFM). "

For those who don't know: CFM = cubic ft. per minute

In one of Creighton's wonderful graphics comparing the 2002-series, E21 and 3-series cars, the CFM ratings are shown in a chart - but I cannot seem to find that one even after doing a search. I believe it was posted after either a crash or windshield-related posting by someone.

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so is my rusty math correct?

3 cubic meters per minute = 105.94 cubic feet per minute

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