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New generic wiring harness install

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Hey everybody! A while back I mentioned putting an updated wiring harness into my M2 and there was some interest to see how it turned out. Well, I just put a complete front to rear, 18 circuit, generic (GM) style wiring harness into my M2 project and tested all circuits with a test light; read more about testing below. So I’m checking to see if there is any interest in putting an Excel file of what wire goes where and what wire to use for each switch (directional, wiper, etc). It might take a while, but I could also do an AutoCAD drawing; does anybody know how to do a multi-colored line in ACAD2000? Maybe it would help out someone who wants the updated fuses or who can’t afford the BMW harnesses. There are two major things about my car that will be different from most other cars though, so a little about what I did so far.

Well the first big difference is the S14 motor and that it’s going to be Megasquirted. What I have tested here is power for the MS unit itself, coil, electric fan relay, and starter, all with a test light. I am going to be making the engine harness myself and it will be completely independent from the chassis harness, so testing of the gauges and sensors will be done later. The other big difference will be the gauge cluster. I custom made my own panel out of aluminum to fit into the original cluster location and installed new electric VDO gauges, again no testing done here yet. So connecting the oil pressure, fuel gauge, etc into the original cluster will still need to be worked (pinned) out by you.

I bought the harness off of ebay a while back for around $150 new. It had 18 circuits, ATO (blade) type fuses, and connectors for a GM steering column. I’ll see if I can find the manufacturer as they are not currently on ebay. I’m happy for the most part with the harness, but the “installation” manual could definitely use some work; hand drawn pictures are about useless! Each wire is labeled and numbered and this harness appears to be just a generic version of a Painless harness.

As far as testing goes, I used a jump box and connected the main feed of the fuse box input to the positive and the jump box ground connected to chassis. I then went and “used” each circuit to make sure it had power when needed depending on what position the ignition switch was in. I used a test light for most circuits but did have the rear light assemblies installed, so I know for a fact that all directional, hazard, brake, parking and reverse lights work properly. The wiper motor I tested on the bench, again with the jump box. This one drove me nuts for a while until I asked my friend for some help. So the intermittent/auto-park features are working (thanks to Jon!), but I will need to run a wire or two for power/ground in addition to the wiper circuit from the harness.

So let me know what you think, but please, keep a fire extinguisher around because if you burn down your car, garage, life, it’s your fault not mine as this would be “use at own risk”. I’ll try and get some pictures posted of where I mounted the fuse box and pre heat-shrink/expandable sleeving of the wire. Regards, Brendan

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I'd be interested. Also, I don't think you can do a multi-color line in AutoCAD. It would have to stop and start as a different color.


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I have attached an excel file for the locations of each wire. The harness model number is WH1001 and there is one at Jegs for $180, but it says its a 20 circuit while mine is only an 18.

I started this file in Excel and ended it in Open Office, so hopefully you won't have any issues opening it. If so, let me know and I'll just finish it on one computer and re-post.

Hey themoose, I'm in Tempe. I'd like to ask a few questions about your car and the Megasquirt and if possible, see your car. Would you mind and how would be best to get in touch? Thanks all! Brendan

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