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Random 2002 video's on Youtube

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Im bored as hell at work so I found some 2002 vids to keep me awake. Enjoy!

This chase scene is awesome!! Its not the one with the man and woman in the flared roundie.

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Man, the guy in the first video was so close to eating crap. All those guy are running really thin wheels for racing too.

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Haha, that guy in the first vintage racing video most definitely pooed his pants a little....

How fun do those roads look to drive!

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Check out gaggi's channel on YouTube for an extended set of onboard videos from inside a Ford Escort RS2000 MKII at the Chevy Egons Youngtimer Trophy 500 km race at Nürburgring Nordschleife in 2008. You'll see some sweet and aggressive moves by a pair of roundies, one of which is an orange and black Alpina. The Escort follows the Alpina for a little over an hour (yep, a full hour of watching the Alpina tear up the ring) until the Alpina driver makes a questionable passing maneuver while charging up Candy Mountain. If you'd prefer to skip (or to hone in on) the ensuing carnage, it happens at 2:15 in Part 7.

The first roundie (jädgrün) appears at driver's left at 1:51 in Part 1 (a few seconds after the race starts on the front stretch.) The Alpina shows up a few seconds later at driver's right.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4:


Part 5:


Part 6:


Part 7:


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Guest Anonymous

All great videos. I posted this one up the other day on my Historic Race Cars (BMW).... and more blog the other day.


In the main body of the blog I posted up some pretty cool CSL (Alpina & Schnitzer cars) as well as pretty cool "Rallye/Racing" mag cover from 1972 of a Grp. 2 ALPINA car.


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