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"diesling" after shut off and high idle

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hi all, my tii revs at about 2000 RPM and runs for about 15 seconds or so after I shut it off....I think that's called "diesling"?

Anyone know why this happens? is it too lean?



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If your normal hot idle is much more than 800-1000 rpm you're liable to get dieseling (or run-on)...especially if it's a high mileage engine that's got carbon buildup in the combustion chamber and/or piston tops.

Cause: bits of carbon that stick up from the metal head/valve/piston surfaces glow red hot from combustion, and act as glow plugs for the little bit of fuel entering the combustion chamber after shutoff. It's usually only one or two cylinders that do that, thus the rough running.

Set your idle to specs; that should help. Also clean your spark plugs if the engine tends towards a thirst for oil...lotsa carbon can build up on the plugs and glow...



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