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Please help me figure this out as a lot of you say you have no problems with the search function.

I thought my search methods sucked as I could not find anything I needed right away and ended up reading and wading through tons of non pertinent info. Now I know my methods suck.

All I want to do is search the forums for car dolly. The dollies you set your car on to roll around your garage to get it out of the way.

I put in "car and dolly" no quotes and this is what I come up with. What am I doing wrong. Maybe this is why a lot of folks just ask and don't search as I can drive to all the stores to check them out by the time I wade through pages & pages of posts that don't apply.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I know I'm doing something wrong here.

Thanks again.

SAMPLE of what I got with CAR and DOLLY:

1976 BMW 2002 School Project Build Thread

Project Blogs M2 redux

need to tow to paint shop...dolly question


advice on car transporting

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INGA started today!

suggestions for getting a non-running 2002 towed 60 miles?

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Do you know of _any_ online forums that have an easy search function? I don't. I think unless you know Boolian operator terms, etc. any search is tough, and I certainly don't!. It's frustrating to know you've seen something, know where you saw it, but cannot find it. That's why we ask the same questions over and over, and that's why a lot of that sort of question ends up in the FAQs - I wish other sites I belong to would create an FAQ.

Around here (TN) what you are looking for are called wheel skates - available at any Harbor Freight, among others. What you searched for would be a two-wheeled trailer that one pulls a car upon. That being said, "wheel skates" also results in a lot of search results, none of which seem to be relevant.

I don't know if this was helpful or not - were you trying to find a place to buy wheel skates, or just interested in learning to use Search?


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Now we know the real reason you don't have any pets.................You KILL KITTIES!

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I'd have to know a bit more about what you are trying to find out to give you good advice. In general you can limit the number of hits by:

1. Your search string is simply to broad. What do you want to do with the dolly? Tow? Try "tow and dolly"

2. Limit the forums you search. If you aren't looking to buy one but use one I would limit my search to "02 General Discussion". This is a pull down menu on the search page. But if you wanted to sell one and you wanted to find out what they sold for in the past I would select the "Parts for Sale" option

3. Limit your search to the posting title only so you don't end up with everyone who ever posted the words "car" and "dolly" in the same posting--many as you found out. This is a radio button on the search page.


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Search really only seems to work if the "new" question is phrased exactly as the "old" response we search for. He is looking for the plate steel, 4-wheeled dollies you put under each tire so you can push the car around the garage. At least that's my understanding.

Search for car dolly, you get what he got - no relevant replies. I tried "wheel skates", "wheel and skates", "tire skates", "tire and skates". Tried all furums, only the general discussion, and never got a useful hit, so for those of you who sit back and say "use the search function, idiot, and stop killing kitties" why don't you try to at least read his initial frikkin' question and be a little bit helpful. Sheesh!

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No help here on the "how to" search, but....

I just got these from Harbor Freight. I was rolling the 02 round the garage in no time.

I think this may be what you are looking for??

Pair of 2 for $30. $60 for a complete set.


Fair warning. Don't open this link unless you want to open your wallet.


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Like you Joel, I have the same problem.

Somewhere in the system is a question about searching I asked several years ago. The responses were of no help.

I either find things by accident, or just look up '02 things in my manuals, as I'm scared to death to ask a question that may have earlier been asked.

We have 4 cats at home and I fear for their lives.

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Paul, Obviously I'm an idiot also.

David, A few sites I use it is a lot easier. I know boolian and it is not helping. I believe that is why most people ask repetitively here. They try but cannot find out their answer in 526 posts nor have the time. Some of these are many or multiple pages. I have tried wheel skates & every other term used that I could look up on the net that other States may use as slang or terminology. Still the same results.

Mike. I have no pets as I would unintentionally kill them. I searched online that kill the kitties thing as I never knew what you guys were talking about on here. I still don't really know what it means but searched the web. NOT the FAQ using praying kitty. Out of 400 or so praying kitty's

I found quite a few that pertained.






As an end resultant, I went to Google and searched the web. Amazingly

I came up with more pertinent posts referring me back to the FAQ out on the web.

I looked at my options on the online stores and then drove to my local Napa store and they wanted to bone me $195.00 a set. So $390.00

per/ car. I need a couple if not a few sets so I contacted my metal guy as I should have in the beginning and he told me he will fabricate a few sets for me by next week for the price of the casters and dinner.

Now. I'm not running the FAQ down at all. This site is a blessing for anyone like myself that has picked up an 02 and knows nothing about them.

ALL of you have been great and are very knowledgeable on any & every topic BUT, the search function does really suck and that could be by my own efforts or the fact that no one changes the subject to a descriptive meaning so the search function can pick it up.

Les, I'm not afraid to get a new ass ripped by asking the same question over again. If we all read every post on here including the archives & retained it all, we would have no reason to talk at all except to pick apart a car for sale or defend a local FAQer that some shoddy business boned hard & tried to justify. Hell, I read old roundels from the 70's that need correcting now in the millennium.

I know folks have been testy lately so I hope none of you feel that this post means anything other than what I am saying or is an attack on the FAQ or anyone in particular. It is not. All I'm saying is my search methods suck and I don't think the FAQ search function lends a helping hand.


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Ane thing that search does ignore is words that are less then 4 letters. so out of "car dolly" search, you will only get results for "dolly". All of them, no matter what they are related to. Default is also to look through all the text in the massage.

Look through the options to see if you can limit the results.

steve k.

p.s. you can also try "Site Search" That uses google algorithm to search the site and the forum.

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Thank you Steve.

That does help and make sense. So the site search is more like the Google search online that I was getting hits on?

Thanks again.


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Two searches act differently. So i hope you guys try both. "Forum Search" is a bit more organized in presenting the results. Try searching both for "booster delete". and specify "all words" in forum search. You will not get many results.

For the future. it will be great if people use the thread title to indicate the topic of the conversation. "Look what i fixed today" does not help the search engine :)

steve k.

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