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I was looking back at a few of the pics of my car for reference and something caught my eye that never did before... the front air dam installed by a PO was not done right as fitment is off and it looks to actually be pointed down. does anyone have measurements as to where the holes should be drilled for proper fitment? It's doesn't appear to match up to the flares at all. Does that outer most attachment point just need to be relocated lower to get the airdam to perk up and meet with the flare?



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looks like the outer attachment point is a little high. remember, the factory turbo airdam is supported with two brackets in the center, that would push it out and up and orient the ends.

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Do you know if the airdam is OEM or is it a Fiberglass copy?

The first one that I purchased was a Fiberglass copy and not OEM and I had similar issues getting mine to line up correctly. Below are my comments on it from my project blog.

Incorrect angle - having difficulty getting it the align with flares and also am having issues with getting the "bumper" piece level


Mounting flange - suspect that this is causing my mounting issues.....appears to be at the wrong angle.....or my nose panel isn't quite right.


Current nose measurements - spoke with Matt McGinn today and the two on the ends are very close to the factory turbo mount point, the one in the middle is a little low.




I ended up purchasing an OEM airdam which mounted up fine with no issues. I don't believe that the support brackets are still available. My shop fabricated some to support it.

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I'm not totally sure if it is OEM or a copy. It is fiberglass, but it has a small "2002 Turbo" embedded in the fiberglass. Thanks for the measurements, and closeup pics. That will give me something to go by. I will also fabricate some center supports.

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