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my engine is lagging

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i have a weber 32/36 and headers on a 71

i did a search on lagging and sputtering and found out a things that could cause it..

is timing, carb leaking somewere, bad carb tuning or valves..

when im at high speed say 80 and i want to accelerate to 90 really fast to pass someone my car laggs first then takes off some times. when im cruising at about 80 on 4500 rpm some times my engine feels like it misses a beat or sputters kinda kicks........

it sputters when i cold start it and try warmimg it up. i run it at like 2000 rpm steady and i can hear/feel that sputter.

any clues to what could be going on?

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How old are the ignition components? Got electronic ignition or points?

Did you check for any vacuum leaks, yet?

I would rule out any ignition bugs first, and then check the carb jetts for clogging.

P.S. I hope those speeds you posted are in Kms not Miles.

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The answer is yes - it could be all of the things described.

So - you need to mess with them one at a time and see if anything changes.

Could be timing. Have you checked it recently?

Could be carb. Is the secondary barrel clean or sooty? Is your linkage right? Is it opening all the way?

Oh - and slow down. 80 or 90 may be fun, but at that speed, you and your 02 will not survive an accident.

Good Luck,


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My engine was lagging. I was getting really bad fuel mileage and I had a lot of sputtering. Then, I saw that the cable to my MSII unit was unplugged. D'oh!

I plugged it in at a stoplight and instantly regained power.

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at that rpm/mph/load ,

you need to do this:


along with the jets that I suggest, float level setting,

healthy mechanical fuel pump, and a clean gas tank

full of new gas

or you might want to just spend a little extra

for a real improvement like dis


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thank you guys for your replies i will try to eliminate as many possible reasons as i can b4 i get to frustrated..

i should rebuild my 32/36 i looks like its in bad shape. im pretty sure thats the source but i definatly need to get new distributor wires and cap.

i have one more post about my exhaust thanks agian folks.

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order these jets NEW from Pierce Manifolds,

with your carb rebuild kit,

and include a accelerator pump diaphram -

and if this is your first time - also order the Oierce Manifold

WEBER Parts & Tuning Manual - you wont regret it.

Float Level 40mm


idle 60

main 140

air correction 145


idle 55

main 170

air correction 175

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