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High dollar in Charlotte, NC

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The car just looks weird with the wide tires they raised it up too high to gain wheel clearance.

Then by removing the bumpers made it look slab sided and truck like.

The engine bay does nothing to help one find something redeeming.

Here are a few photos of a different approach:

The car is greatly lowered

Zender flares were used to widen the stance

Note the integration of the rear exhaust.

Note:low ground clearance approx 4 inches




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As they say...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or owner). Different strokes for different folks.

This car isn't what I would like, but someone does.

Note the reflection of the "Visitor" space marking in the door. From those pictures the exterior paint looks really nice.

Rear exhaust is slightly offset.

Unusual rear valence treatment.

Needs work under the bonnet. Maybe the owner ran out of $ on the exterior before they could get to the engine bay.

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