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74tii Race Car for sale

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous



Fresh two liter with 10.5:1 JE pistons, Total Seal rings, Pauter rods, knife-edged and balanced crankshaft, Korman underdrive pulleys, 310 degree billet camshaft

Other engine and accessories:

48mm individual throttle body setup with fresh RSR rebuilt injection pump

MSD ignition

320i radiator

Gauges - completely custom with water and oil temp, large center tach, etc.


Custom valved front Bilsteins with adjustable coilover perches, 275# springs

Custom valved rear Bilsteins with 350# springs

Suspension Techniques swaybars


1977 320i vented rotors

E12 four piston calipers


Stripped and repainted, race seat, six point cage


Early Bumper conversion

2220 lbs. wet

Corner balanced and aligned


1974 2002tii race car. Fresh blueprinted and balanced motor, individual throttle bodies (installed) plus stock intake system included, freshly rebuilt injection pump to RSR specs, rebuilt injectors, rebuilt brake calipers, adjustable suspension, Revolution wheels, Panasport Wheels, MSD ignition, oil cooler, spares, etc.. Early bumper conversion. Car is fully sorted, corner balanced, and quick. $8000/obo. Ben or Trent (858) 751-0710; trent@apexengineering.com.

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Guest Anonymous

2002 tii can run in ITA (regular 2002 are ITB).

ITA lets them get 13x7" wheels, compared to the "B" cars which are stuck with 6".

BUT, all IT class cars have basically stock engines.

No cams, High CR pistons, custom rods, etc.

This does not mean an IT motor can't be strong, that's where the builder's skill comes in.

Brake upgrades like those described are not IT or E Prod legal either.

Even a quick look at the pic shows there are other parts of the car that don't comply to IT rules.

This would be a fine car to use for schools and such, but I don't know what class it would fit in to race under SCCA rules.

Trent, do you know what they used the car for? It does look pretty cool & I bet it flies with that engine!

// John

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Guest Anonymous

it's got illegal bumpers, throttles, cam, radiator, pistons, brakes...et. al.

Must be stock or within stock tolerances to be rules legal...not so sure whether weight's correct, as well. Could be, I just don't remember what weighting is for a tii in ITA.

still, it says it on the side, so who knows.


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Guest Anonymous

This is Jim Haley's ex-ITA car. This car and Bill Holmes' white ITA car used to run together. I got my SCCA license in Bill's car one weekend racing Jim in this car... he obviously blew my doors off. This car was incredibly well set up and gave the local ITA champ (a CRX) a run for its money.

Jay Jones prepared a car that was no quite Colorado Orange (more like baby poop yellow), Jim had this car, Bill had his car and I had my 74 tii fabrication. My car never had much of a race history, but Jim's & Bill's have long histories.

The modifications do force it out of the ITA class. The coilovers move it out, but so does the individual butterfly setup. But -- who cares? What a fun car to run at club racing. Do you really have to win to race?

I really want this car.


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