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URL: http://www.bmw2002faq.com

Hi all! Well, here they are!

1. Mike Skolones' Transmission Rebuild Article,

2. Bob Hildebrand's Seatbelt Retrofitting Article,

3. Paul Wegweiser's article on how to remove/rebuild the Pedal Box,

4. Original '02 Paint Colors Chart,

5. and the RETURN of the Message Board "Poll" Website (coming later today!)

I managed to get all that stuff formatted and posted ALL BY MYSELF!! I almost forgot I sort of knew how to do this stuff. Really all I did was copy the formatting that Dan Kozan (thanks again Dan, good luck on all that school work this week!) used to get us started, swapped in the new text, etc. I hoped to have more posted (like the restarted "Board Poll" page - thanks and keep those submissions coming), but such is life. In the future, we will probably just be adding an article at a time as we go along.

Some of the articles in the works are:

-Wheel/tire comparison page built by Trent Tilton (its actually posted somewhere already, but we just need to move it over and format it some)

-How to R&R steering system by me,

-Adding GM alternators to the e21 alternator article,

-Rebuilding (and building for racing) motors by Kris in florida

-a Comprehensive '02/BMW Glossary

-How to cut stock springs

-Adapting a G265 transmission (e30M3 tranny) to run a mechanical speedo (eventually an S14 swap article to go with it)

-Addition of Eibach, H&R, and ST springs to "Spring Rates" page in Reference Section

-Pictures and parts numbers, and other devilish little details to the existing articles,

AND MORE! I know I am always saying this, but if youd like to contribute anything such as an article, list of part numbers/tools needed for one of the existing articles, any pictures of any of the operations therein detailed, etc., PLEASE email them on in!!

Thanks again and enjoy!


'02 FAQ Editor

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Guest Anonymous

that my kids can have something to use as reference and keep the '02's running when they inherit them!

Regarding the "poll" piece, if you could share some light on how to submit pics in the approriate size it would be great. My experience posting pictures is that they come out too big. (Just a thought!)

Once again, great work!!


'74 '02A

'76 '02

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Guest Anonymous


Chuck, here is what I recommend...

Figure it out (boardfly archives, most likely, has all the info), perform the operation, take lots of pics, and then write up the article! :D ONE of the things we need is people who will volunteer to do just that! (chant monotonously with me: Community site... community site... community site.... ;p) If not that, then some other operation youve performed on your car will be very nice! Hehe... thanks!

-Rob ;)

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Guest Anonymous

when I decide if I am going to attempt it myself this spring. Okay, maybe I will do the work (researching, taking pics, documentation, etc)


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Guest Anonymous


URL: http://www.bmw2002faq.com/poll/index.html

Victor! Thanks for keepin em rolling in PR! The board poll is basically a short writeup on your car, just like a list of the project highlights (and all these cars are projects, right?) and then a small pic just emailed in to me. If you cant size the pic, just email the fat sucker and i will resize it for ya.

Another thing, is that I was thinking of including and/or integrating all this basic info with the upcoming "setup/carb jet database" thing we are also setting up. Ahhh, yah...

-Rob ;o

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