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Caliper Bolt Size

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Sorry for posting the same question twice, but I realize that the thread I'd replied to with my question earlier is in the FAQ construction section and might go unnoticed there.

Anyway, the question: I'm rebuilding the front calipers on my 72tii, not terribly difficult, mostly a lot of wire wheel so far. I'd measured the bolts that were holding the calipers together and they seemed to be 8mm and so the replacements I bought are m8x1.25x70 12.9. When I went to test-fit them, they seemed much looser than the bolts I'd replaced. Back to the old bolts, and some more careful measuring reveals that they're actually 3/8.

So, here's what I'm trying to figure out: were the calipers designed to use 8mm bolts and permit a tiny bit of sliding before being clamped down?(unlikely because there's nothing else to make sure that the halves, which have a hydraulic port running between them, mate correctly) Or might the PO have drilled-out the bolt holes when he couldn't find the correct metric fastener? Or, is there such thing as an 8.85mm bolt?

- Colin

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Been there!

Been told, the bolt size is 9mm.

Not easily to not available cause TUV don't want people messing with


I had to put spacer on my tii calipers, so I redrill the calipers + spacers

to SAE size and put grade 9 allen/bolts.

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