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V@V attendees and photographers - a question

Should we work on getting attendee pics of V@V in Roundel?  

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  1. 1. Should we work on getting attendee pics of V@V in Roundel?

    • Yes - keep talking to Satch to figure out how to get him pics.
    • Shaddup - them's our pics.

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Some feedback please. In this thread, I offered up the following:


Why not - car pics by car dudes in a car magazine!

I actually think a lot of the pics I've seen posted here are good enough to be included in Roundel. Bill - you don't give yourself enough credit. Harv had some great ones too.

Seriously Mike - I think it would be way more interesting to have this as a feature.

But - I'm biased.

Keep the pics coming guys - I'm living vicariously through you all.


I thought it was a good idea. To me - it helps project the spirit of the event as well. So - I sent the following to Satch Carlson - the editor of Roundel:


Satch -

I know you asked Mr. Self to cover V@V, but here's an idea for you (yeah - I'm sure you get "help" from non-professional nuts like me all the time - sorry). Here's an idea I just posted to the BMW2002FAQ board:


Take a look. I think it would be great to have an article by an enthusiast (biased toward 2002's of course) - Mr. Self, with the event seen through the eyes of other enthusiasts.

Just a thought. I love the magazine. Mike Self, Sam Smith, and Rob Siegel are must reads in my house.


Ken Tyler


and he sent me the following reply:

Well, it's not out of the question. But we don't use stuff that's been published elsewhere---including the Internet!

Satch Carlson

So - before this gets carried away, yea or nea? Do you guys think this is a good idea as well? Or not?

If I've stepped out of line, or talked out of turn, let me know as well.



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Ken -

Good thinking. I would love to see a few choice photos make a multiple page spread in the Roundel just to show all the "other" BMW owners the love we have for our Vintage Bimmers. The extended coverage of 02-02-02 in the April 2002 issue is exactly what is needed (again). I'm lucky enough to own most of the issues from that year (thanks to Dave R.!).

Some small "human interest" stories seem to gather the greatest attention.

Wouldn't it be great to have (1) HUGE centrally located event (maybe 10-10-10) for next year? Bo Black - are you interested in moving your event to the fall?

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After owning my 2002 for well over thirty years I don't expect much coverage in the Roundel anymore. My allegiance has shifted to this forum. I don't think that Satch is reasonable to conclude that items included in a forum constitute "publishing"--and his reticence migt have to do more with the fact that this wasn't a BMWCCA sanctioned event. The energy put into V@V seems like many BMWCCA Octoberfests (which receives a great amount of Roundel coverage as everyone knows). I think the smaller more intimate scale of V@V is a big advantage. And finally, please let us not forget that if it wasn't for the 2002, BMW might not be is business today.

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emphasizes the people there--we really go to see our friends--and meet new ones--at least as much as to see the cars. If you have some good tales to tell about the event, the folks you met, the friends you saw, the trip there etc etc, send me a couple of paragraphs. Don't worry about the writing--I can edit that if necessary; I just want the stories.

Be sure and sign your name so I can quote you. I don't promise to use everything sent, but I know there are some good stories out there that should be told. And I couldn't be everywhere--I missed seeing a lot of my friends Saturday. (Joe, I already have your story about the cross-country 1600 trek) Let these poor beknighted owners of modern Bimmers see what they're missing by not owning a vintage BMW!

And if you have pictures that you haven't posted, send them too-- caption 'em and tell me who took 'em so I can credit the photographer.

Send to me at mike7353ataoldotcom

BTW, Satch has published every 2002 story I've submitted, (not to mention David's Isetta article). And after 182 2002 columns, I'm always looking for column ideas...



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I appreciate it. I didn't get to go (yet again), but after looking at all the pictures and reading all of the comments on the board, I get a feeling of the spirit of the event. And - it's a good feeling.

Sure be nice to spread that to those less fortunate - those that don't own an 02.


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