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Thinking of Buying a '74 2002 off CL. Need Imput

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I took a close look at this car and took it for a spirited drive.

Email me if you haven't seen it in person.


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Selling/Buying price is usually just the price of admission.

These cars not only drive like nothing else, they can take immense abuse

and still drive like nothing else.

If it drives nice I would ask the guy how hard it pulls above 5k rpm. My '74 gets a whole new set of legs above 5k with the original solex. Pull the back off of one of the tail lights. The lenses have threads in them that tend to crack off.

Maybe ask to pull the back seat to look for rust.

The guy should have a prioritized list of what was going to be worked on next.

What work have they done?

I paid almost that much for mine and three years later still look forward to driving it and working on it. Unless you have one already It's hard to explain what a car like this can mean to a person.

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I highly recommend that you get a pre-purchase inspection if you don't have the expertise to analyze on your own. I had a mechanic go with me and we spent over 2 hours looking over the car and testing as much as possible.

It helped me to break things down into categories: engine, transmission, body, interior, suspension, etc. for the review. It really helps to know what you are getting into before starting out.

Regarding later model cars, I used to own a roundie many years ago and swore I would never drive a square light car. The I saw a 74 with euro bumpers and realized what i didn't like about later cars were their bumpers.

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