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Ireland Header Adopter to Resonator Question

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Well I hope everyone made it back from VoV, as for me maybe next year......

Anyway, while the greater '02 population concentrated in the NC area, much progress has been made with Lola, now working on the exhaust system.

After reading all the searches on how to install the Ireland Header, it really was not too hard to install. You do have to tilt the front part up while going under the car and rotate kind of counter clockwise to get it in position. Make sure that the bolt holes on the header are clear, I had a bit of Drimmel grinding to do before it fitted perfectly in place.

I hope to have a pic or two with everything in place, once I mastered photobucket. Wish we could cut and paste like Microsoft (hint, hint.. ;)

OK, enough rambling, now the Question Part:

I am using a SuperSprint resonator and rear muffler to tie everything together. On the flange tip of the resonator I know there is to be a seal ring to be positioned between the resonator and the standard exhaust header, HOWEVER on the Ireland header adopter, it seems to have no space for the sealing ring to sit, is this normal? Do I just skip the seal ring and connect the adopter and resonator together? Or do I get longer bolts and just mate all three parts together

For those who have installed the I.E. header system, could you enlightened me on this part.

Thanks in advance!!


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I noticed this with my IE header adapter as well. I ended up taking a grinding wheel to the adapter to make a beveled seat for the donut to fit into. Seems to have done the trick, though Phoenix has only ran three times since doing that mod. I also had to enlarge the opening about 1/8" to fit over my Stahl.


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