Solex PHH 40 float level procedure and setting

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After 10 years, I started to look into the float levels on my 69ti as the performance was lower than expected.

Procedure I used:

-disconnect the fuel lines

-remove the top of carbs. There is fuel leaking in the bowls at the moment!

-check fuel level from top of carb


-Was at about 24 mm

-ran better at 22 mm

-setting in Haynes is 19 mm, where it is now but with hesitations at mid throttle. In the seach, this could be caused by fuel level too low!!

-Mikuni manual on PHH says 12 mm from float to carb cover when sitting on needle valve but not compressed. Is is far from there with a fuel level at 19 mm!

Need help. Your successfull procedure and setting will be welcomed.


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