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I've been a member of this fine forum for a couple of months while performing research for a potential 2002 project. I'd like to report that, as of last Friday 4/24, I became a BMW (2002) owner.

It started late last fall when my wife asked me when I was going to get rid of my '01 Ford Focus that I purchased at a local auction and repaired to a reasonable standard. Aside from some niggling rich-running problems and it being an automatic, it was reliable and reasonably fun to drive.

It was about that time a neighbor moved his BMW 2002 from the confines of his garage to provide a home for a recently-acquired Saab that I spied it. I've always wanted to do a full restoration and I've always had an affinity for '02s. We talked about my picking it up this spring. I could tell that, while his wife was intent on his selling it, this is not something he was looking forward to. In the end, he gave me what I thought was a great deal because he wanted to see it go to someone that could fulfill his dream for the car. Lucky me?

About the car...

I've nicknamed pretty much every car I've owned. This will be no different. Lately, I've referred to the car as "The Deuce". The Deuce is a two-owner '76 Auto with a tan interior. I think the interior may have have been red at some point given the color of the seats. It has very little rust. Aside from the surface rust in spots, the only rust-related concern is the rocker under the doors. The car starts reliably and runs well. Everything works but the heater/blower and a frozen caliper. Another concern is the smell of gasoline. Clearly, these items will have to be attended to in short order.

My goals for the car is to make it a performance daily driver. Megasquirt-driven EDIS/EFI is in the works and I'm pretty convinced that I'll go turbo as well. The supporting cast will be the usual fare of sport suspension pieces, brake kits, 5-speed conversion, and LSD. I will also update the interior as well; tastefully and in keeping with the spirit that is the '02.

While this is my first restoration project, it's not my first car project. In '05 I finished a Shelby Cobra replica (Factory Five). It was/is a fun project. Like "Camille", the "Deuce" will be built as "show-ready" - a driver's car first, but csn hold its own when displayed.

Cobra/FFR's local and online support group is fantastic! Fortunately, I see alot of the same kinship here. I'm looking forward to restoring my OH-2 to an even greater standard. To all those who've responded to my queries, or gave me good deals on parts in anticipation of my acquiring the car, many thanks. I look forward to contributing as you have and undoubtably others will. I'm contemplating a blog/website to chronicle the experience. I will announce it should I choose to do so.

Comments welcomed and encouraged.



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Marc Congrats!!!

And welcome to the "02 Family".


btw: that wheel has shipped you should get it on the 4th of May.

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The only 76s that had red interiors from the factory were those legendary "last 200" cars--supposedly they were all silver (Polaris) with red leather interiors, electric sunroofs and factory alloy wheels. Not sure if they were all stick shift, but it would figure that some could have been automatics.

Haven't heard of one turning up for many years, but a few must have survived. Check your VIN and see if it's close to 2393292 (the last '76 automatic built) and if it is (or was) silver with an electric sunroof...

cheers and welcome to the '02 fraternity/sorority


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Well, my number is 2392398. It is not the series that you mentioned as it does not have a sunroof - yet ;^) and is/was not silver. I'm told the seats are original, but the rest of the interior was redone.

Man, would that be a find. If that were the case, I would be compelled to restore it to original. Thankfully it is not and I can restore it to my own standards and expectations.


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