ESM wheels, good or bad, and need a paint code.

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Hello all, I am just getting ready to do the suspension swap in my 02' and am deciding on what wheels I wanna get to replace my 14'' bottle caps with balloon tires.

I've found a good deal on a set of 15x9 ESM wheels and know nothing about them. I'm hoping the good deal isn't too good to be true so I am asking anyone if they've known them to warp after hitting a speed bump or have flaws on them when ordered, or even worse break in two peices off the hub which i've seen happen before to toyotas.

On a side note if i do get them I am going to have my painter repaint the spokes from black to the inka orange that I love so very much on 2002's. So that being the case, if I get these wheels he will need the paint code for the inka orange 2002's that were from back in the day. Later on down the road I plan on painting the entire car to match the wheels to. lol. If any of you could tell me the paint code it would be much appreciated.

thanks again everyone, and will appreciate your responses.


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Guest Anonymous

Did you ever purchase the esm wheels. I want to see them on a car. I am at a cross roads on which wheels to run. BBS RA, ESM, or Beyern 15.


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FYI I don't think you can fit 9" wide wheels without flares.

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