i got screwed in Santa Barbara

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so....Pierre and co. >

i made the drive down to SB via the 101 on Sat.

troubles. i then proceed to attend my bachelor party and wrestle

with a few beverages......while still thinking of good times on the 33

Sunday morning. i set the alarm.....was gonna leave SB a little before 7....and then......i find out that there is a screw in my back left tire.......flat as


sorry i missed it. how did it go ??

i got the tire patched and had an epic drive today all the way up PCH 1 back to San Francisco.

another time....see ya, jim h.

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Guest Anonymous

Lemme guess, you bought that very tire from a surfer dude who guaranteed it had air in it.

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The title sounded you had a good time...

13 cars showed. up. 5 2002s, 4 E30s, an E24, an E34, an M roadster and an Audi A3. The drive was great, the road was clear, the weather was awesome. And the cops left us alone.

I lost a drive belt on the way back but it held just enough to let me coast home for 50 miles at idle. Revving the motor past 1500 rpm would cause the belt to slip and overheat the motor. It was an interesting ride home with the gauge barely touching the red zone.

We stopped at the Deer Lodge for a bite. (I don't recommend the place.) But the company was excellent.

Next drive is in June.

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