Reputable Paint and Body shop in Ventura Cty/No. L.A. area

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Is there one? I will be coming into some cash and would like to take care of the little rust around the front and rear window and other small stuff here and there...Looking for a good shop to do this and either touch up or completely respray.

Anyone know of one in the Ventura County or Northern L.A. area?



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805 850 8885.

Very nice guy. Knows his stuff. Specializes in restorations and custom work. I have never used him but know people who have and are happy with the results.

We missed you yesterday on the tax run. We ended up at the deer lodge for breakfast. (Not recommended.)

Next run is in June. Hope you can make especially since you're local.

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If you want the best possible metal / rust repair work,look up Elery Engel in Piru. He only does metal work, no filler or paint. But, he is one of the best. Piru is a very small place, and his metal shop is dead center in the middle of town. Most of the cars in there are completely disassembled and rollong on Dollys. Your car willbe in the company of Porsche 356 Carreras,550 spyders, vintage Ferraris, Lamborghinis, etc. He is a real salt of the earth fellow who works on the fancy stuff but also loves rat rods. If you disassemble the parts of the car he needs to work on, he is very reasonably priced.


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