Weber air cleaner "sucking" more than usual - as i

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My '75 has a 32/36 DGEV and it has been running reasonably well. However, in the last few days it has started hard, idled rough and overall just doesn't sound right. Also, it has no power on acceleration. I drove it down our main street and in 4th gear I can floor the accelerator and the car doesn't respond at all... just drags along.

I am educating my self via the forum for lots of things to check, but one thing that seems to stand out and I wanted a quick opinion as to whether it is my imagination or not.

When it is idling and I raise the hood, I swear the "sucking" sound from the air cleaner is a lot more noticeable than ever before. I popped off the

air cleaner and also, from my uneducated view, one of the barrels of the carb seems very dry, while the other is wet with gas.

My theory is that one barrel is not getting any fuel (hence the dryness) and the excess sucking sound is the intake manifold gasping for some fuel to mix with all that vacuum air.

As I continue to pretend I know what I am talking about, if the above sounds reasonable, could it be that this barrel's jet is clogged or otherwise?

I believe the timing, dwell, valves are OK since they were just set a few months ago and the car hasn't been driven much. I plan to pull, inspect and clean the plugs tonight, but it does not sound like one is dead.



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Guest Anonymous

The secondary is going to look dry for two reasons: One, there is no accelerator tube to wet things down for the secondary and Two, the secondary is not active until and unless you open it by sufficiently depressing the throttle pedal.

Different sounds could indicate many different things, including a vacuum leak via a leaking hose, shaft, fitting, or gasket.

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I pulled the plugs this morning and numbers 2 & 3 (the inner two) looked fine, but 1 & 4 (the outside ones) were pretty fouled and smlled heavily of gas.

Is there any relation to the four intake manifold "arms" and the two barrels

of the carb? It appears that the number 2&3 plugs line up with the inner two arms and these converge on one barrel, whereas the number 1&4 outer arms converge on the other barrel... driver side.

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Replaced the plugs with four brand new, pre-gapped ones and the car fired up immediately and ran smoothly.

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