1968 brake pedal travel

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I just brought my 68 home and all is quite well. It is a european RHD.

The brakes have been completely overhauled. Calipers, pads, cylinders, servo, MC the works. The brakes are amazing and much better than anyother 02 i have driven, however, there is very little brake pedal travel. The brakes engage almost immediately and they take very little force to use but the pedal travels at most an inch. The only problem with this is that if i use the brakes gently there is not enough movement to enable the brake light switch to engage.

Is it possible to move the point at which the brakes engage? Is there an adjustment. Bearing in mind this is RHD and a January 68 car.


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WAG (because I haven't any RHD experience)

but find the switch itself

and see if it's threaded. The other setups are...

Then you just unthread the switch until the lights come on...

then screw it back in a turn or so so they go off.

Do you have remote servos or is it a single master in the bucket?


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I have a single remote servo.

the problem is that the pedal does not travel far enough. Otherwise i would just adjust the threaded switch. There is very little movement at all when you gently apply the brakes. If i adjust the switch any more i might just have the brake lights on all the time or flickering on and off with vibration.

I know there is not a lot of RHD experience on here but i thought i would give it a shot. Cheers.

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