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Non starting problem.

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Hello from Jersey in the Channel Isles.

I have a 1973 2002 Touring and have a non-starting problem that I would like your help with if possible.

When I bought the car it didn't start but just thought that it was a flat battery and maybe iffy starter motor however fitting a known good fully charged battery and replacing the starter (albeit with a used one that I bench tested and load tested before fitting) hasn't cured the issue which is that when the battery has been charged and re-fitted the car starts fine but if I run it for only a short time and try to re-start all I get is a click and a battery that needs re-charging.

I noticed that when I disconnect & re-connect the battery earth the grey relay mounted on the LH inner wing next to the voltage regulator clicks and then the car will re-start and this is the only way it will start untill the battery is flat again.

Using the excellent guide here on FAQ regarding checking the charging system I set about checking the charge rate at the battery which was 12.75v, directly at the alternator 13.08v, 11.75v at at the voltage regulator plug and if I bridge the regulator 17-18v. When I bridged the regulator I found that the vehicle re-started completely fine as many times as I wanted so do you think I would be wise to replace the regulator or do you think that there maybe something keeping the relay energized? My charging light doesn't come on when running but it does work as it comes on with ignition, I also measured the resistance in the starter cable to battery and alternator to battery I had 1 ohm resistance but zero on the earthing strap from the alternator to engine earth strap.

Many thanks for any suggestions, I am fairly new to vehicle electronics.

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Guest Anonymous

Check the wiring to the starter solenoid. A bad connection can't get the full voltage to actuate it. You can temporarily jumper a wire from the + of the battery to the solenoid to see if the starter turns. Double check again all the connections of the +/- cables .

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