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Ok guy my tii is sooooo close to being road worthy I can smell the gas fumes already.

For those of you that have not been following (not Bill and Steve lol) I took on the project of replacing my clutch along with many seals and bushings in the surrounding area...completely alone ( other than the help from the forum ofcoarse!)... Untill today that is!

Mr Harrison Krix ( H-Krix) and Chris Troxel (75dbl02) came by for about 5 hours today and got my car freakin taken car of!

Today we:

Bolted up the transmission

Re-connected the drive shaft

Put the shifter back on

Whats left?

Bleeding the clutch and brakes

Hooking the throttle linkage back up.

Hooking up the exhaust

**I plan to finish all the above tomorrow!

What I need you all's help with:

Hooking the throttle linkage back up.

How do I go about doing it? It looks like it should be a "stick the circle in the hole" trick but I'm not convinced. Any pics would be great!



A special thanks goes the Harrison and Chris For drive more than a hour each way just to help me. You guys have no idea how much I appropriate it.

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