Need input!! Fuel issue, again.

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Ok, so. If anyone remembers, My car has weird starvation issues. Like an eating disorder, but different. Related more to liquid fuel.

(The following takes place between 4 and 6, with 3/4 tank of gas or more)

Today, V drove wonderfully (on the new RBs/Sdrives I might add, silky smooth) until I turned up a long steep incline.. About 200 yards into it, the car began to buck and sputter.

Fortunately, I hit a flat spot in the road and it grabbed enough to get me over the to of the hill. SHEW!

About 20 minutes later, I'm dropping down on to I275 E from Montgomery road. The ramp is down and banks to the right, a good one to dig into. So it did, and about 5 seconds into the WOT it bucked and gasped again! I milked it back to smooth idle before I had to merge into rush hour traffic and away we went.

I stopped at the next station and topped off the tank at this point.

But on the way to score some seats, I hit another long steep incline and she did it again. I barely made it up..

Next, I stop to get some parts on flat ground. The car sits for about an hour and I offer to let this new found friend take a drive while I sit shotgun. As we go to pull away, she bucks and stalls. And that was that.

As before, the clear filter before the pump was dry. No gas making it to the pump.

But check it, after sitting for an hour while we swapped in e21 seats, we looked up and miraculously the filter was full with gas again!!

We pulled the sender and cleaned the screen and body with brake cleaner. --indeed there was rusty gas and cleaner flowing from it.

Tried to pull what looks to be a drain plug on the tank, but it wasn't budging so we reassembled the sender. After a bit of cranking, she started up like a champ and idled fine for 10 minutes or so. But with air bubbles that would't stop coming fromthe line into the filter.. Checked all lines that were tampered with (one) and all was tight.

-so I loaded the newly acquired e21 391LSD and stub axles into the trunk and rolled off. Made the right turn, punched it (I had to) and guess what? buckety buck, coughity cough. STALLLLLLL.

After pushing it back 100 yards or so to the driveway from whence it came, I pulled the fuel line off of the carb and had my man Adam crank it. NOTHING.


We are trying the pump tomorrow, even though mine looks relatively new. All I have is a mechanical from a 1600. I hope this works...I signed up for my first autoX on sunday.

-sorry for the long tale, I wanted to paint an accurate picture.

Any and all advice is needed, welcome, and appreciated.

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Sorry about that. You probably aren't eager to take it in to a shop. However, if you change your mind, try Foreign Car Svc. in the Huber Hts. section of greater Dayton. Mike McCarthy is your man there. I've had great luck w/mine since 2003, largely due to his efforts. (& a little luck)

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don't give up on the tenk drain screw -

it's got to be done - drain - swizzle some clean gas, and

drain again - this is #1 - use a correct size socket this time and

give it a sharp RAP!

new fuel pump - NOT used pumps! what's the matter with you !!

replace the rubber hoses at the gas tank sender

remove the carb top and clean the float bowl -

and make sure you have a squirt from the accel. pump

when the bowel is full and back together - probably

need a new accel pump diaphram from the sounds of

the krap fuel going through the system

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I hear you on the new pump. And I will indeed buy a new one.. they're just a bit scarce in these parts, and i just want to get her home. Hopefully my day old RB's didn't get ganked over night.

The tank drain plug takes an allen head. I will try again when I get back to the house. Or maybe when I get up there since its been sitting over night...better idea.

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Put the 1600 pump to the test on Sunday at an autoX, it didn't like that. Its leaking like mad.

Couldn't find a rebuild for the stock pump so I just ordered a new one

from Rockauto. 52 bucks vs. BMW's 170.00?!

I checked all of the lines. They are recently replaced. But now, since I pulled the sender, a constant row of air bubbles is being pulled into the filter. should I be concerned??

I think my sender is off as well.

We'll see..?

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