Correct part # for '73 turn sig/wiper/wash column switch

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build date 11/72, i have found 6 possible #'s at Maximillian's site. I think it is the $226.69 switch, but i want to make sure (and i wonder why there are so many others listed)?

SWITCH 03/1971 08/1973 61311357002 $77.84

TURN INDICATOR SWITCH 61318648072 $226.69

SWITCH BLINKER 61311352636 $149.27

SWITCH BLINKER 61311355286 $169.78

SWITCH WISCHER 61311357001 $97.75

WIPER SWITCH 61311357003 $96.59

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Certain problems can be repaired--usually pretty quickly and easily.

Don't know about the other four, but I have observed two variations--the difference was the placement of the wires in the multiprong plug. That switch was only used on 73s and some 72s. I suspect the other switches are for other country versions with some sort of special need for that country's laws.

Your parts book should show which VINs go with which switch.



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I believe some websites (like BavAuto) list notes with the desciption like (left of wheel) or (right of wheel).

Not sure if it helps, here are some pics of mine (5/30/73 build date).



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Guest Anonymous

Golf73: EBay sometimes has wiper/TS switches listed. Cost is less than that price. If you find one, ask the seller if the switch is 'fully working." If you can get one that isn't worn or intermittant, then you're doing great.

Good Luck.

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I went through the same thing last year when my left turn signal was acting up while in Virginia and we were ready to head back to California. I think I threw a dart at the options and went with this one for my 72tii, born 12 May 1972. In fact....I ordered the part while in Tysons Corner, got it enroute, and had it installed during an oil change at Foreign Car Service in Huber Heights, Ohio....on the way to dinner with the SW OH 02ers. Mike McCarthy was very kind and delivered the car in person.

61 31 1 352 636

Check out They have it for $ 133.34

Check with Blunt also.




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