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My garage gets in full swing!

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Some of you know I have been garageless since we moved to the new house. Well, today the block was put down on the footer and tomorrow the 720sqft. garage goes up. It will be constructed with SIP's (structural insulated pannals) and have a heated slab.


Here's what came with the house. It just wouldn't do.



Tore it down.



My friend Jeff changing fouled spark plugs on his 750 at Christmas.


Forgot to take pictures of the 40 inch deep footer being dug. but here it is being filled.






Joe knows all.


Block is down!!!!!



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Darn it, I could have used some of that material from the old garage!. Nice job, those guys don't mess around, looks like it went up in no time. Structural insulated panels has to be the way to go in the midwest. I will be looking at those pictures a lot! Somebody was smart enough to think of bringing the cement in the small bucket thru the alley. Congratulations!

Very cute BMW fan in the making, precious.


The garage fits the house and does not overwhelm the site - excellent!

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We can just stack it on my Midget. Or maybe even build a shelf for em.


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Very nice work. Hope you've planned on lots of fluorescent light fixtures without any windows. There is a new type of small bulb that is brighter than the normal ones (T4 or T8 - I can't remember).

Any plans for a compressed air header around the perimeter?

Freeze-proof hose bib on the outside corner?

Pull-down attic stair for storage of goodies?

Clearance hole with swing-away plate in the bottom of the garage doors for routing an exhaust hose?

Please keep us updated on your progress.

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Slab and front apron were done over the last few days. Tomorrow the trim starts.

Lots of plans for it.

Lots of lights.

Radiant heated slab.

Pull down attic stairs that pull down right infront of the work bench.

I'm going to try to put the compressor in the attic if it fits.

A few air hose hookups and dryer.

My Bridgeport in the corner.

New work bench.

Windows that look out on the back yard. Also a full light door that swings OUT and not into the cars inside.

Tire rack to hold all the extra wheels and tires.

The possibilities are endless! Pictures when I get home.


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Here are a bunch of new pictures of the garage.


Here's the tubing layout.



A concrete buggy was used since the garage was soo deep and I didn't want to take a chance on a cement truck sinking in my driveway. We did a similar thing with the footer.




Here's where the radiant tubing comes up out of the floor. I'll clean up the install for sure.


We added a decretive eve


A new apron with a new drain too.


It's gonna fill up quick.


How am I going to get that air compressor up in the attic?


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WOW nice work! Why not put the compressor behind the garage and build a small shed for it and run the pluming into the garage? What temp will you keep the floor at?

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My limit for the variance is 720 sqft. I can't put any thing on the back of the building because it would be included in the square footage. Now a year after it's built and all the inspections are done with and the neighbors (neighbor) have settled down....

I plan to keep the garage at 50 to 55. From what I understand, with radiant heat, you can keep the temp lower since everything is the same temp and there should be no hot spots.

I'm digging the trench for the electric feed.

I HATE digging in clay.


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