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Hello fellow Bimmer owners,

Full disclosure: I am not affiliated with this product, but I a group buy member of this item. I first came across this item when I saw that this guy (company) was a sponsor of BimmerFest in Santa Barbara. (He lives in neighboring Goleta.)

If you are looking for an alternative to jack stands and can't fit a lift in your garage (bingo: that's me!) - I wanted to share this opportunity to save over $700 over list. Somebody put together a "screamin'" group buy.


Yes, it is still a good chunk of change ($1275+shipping) - but MUCH more palatable than $1995. The group buy is on through the end of the month.



'88 M5

in negotiations for '72 2002 sunroof.

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I guess there's some times when that thing might work, but for what i do under my car that thing would be in my way all the time. I think I'll stick with jack stands that can be put in a # of different locations, depending on what I'm doing.

Bob Napier

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The 38-50" one. Boytcho (owner) will confirm at BimmerFest which one we need. I sent him the dimensions from 2002 BMW body chapter 41 (9.71 addition) for his DB.

Just tell him what car you have when you order.


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