Rust on Chrome Around Rear Window

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back window? rust? it's a plastic trim strip

in the center of the window rubber seal.

You replace the rubber seal, and the trim strip,

don't forget the trim gap piece. Address

the 'rust' that lurks under the seal from the decades

of water and fine corrosive dirt that works it's

way under the seal.

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CD: I appreciate your response. Sorry if I'm slow on the uptake. By:


in the center of the window rubber seal>>

are you saying the sealing frame is a plastic piece? I'm not entire sure what is rusting?

Below are the parts from Maximillian. Are we talking about part #9?


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the plastic 'filler' trim strip which is chrome

appearing (not a metal strip that can rust - but a plastic strip with chrome fininsh that will appear to be rustiing when their very old)

is pressed into the rubber seal for the front and back windows.

Glass - rubber seal - plastic chrome trim strip

remove the old brittle rubber seal and install a new

rubber seal, and new plastic filler trim strip.

If there is any 'rusting' it occurs UNDER the rubber seal.

The body opening rots from water and decades of silt

attacking the thin body medal that the windoe/seal sits in.

THAT is what you need to worry about during any front or back window

repairs - is the rust repair before reinstalling the glass.

A photo of your condition would help

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