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Turbo-ready M10 engine

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Wanted to sell my megasquirted M10 with everything but certain people want the motor and others want the conversion kit, so the motor is being sold seperately - details are as follows:

M10 remanufactured engine with 20,000 miles

0.50 overbore on block

*Resurfaced cleaned & pressure checked 121 cylinder head*

Tapped upper timing chain cover for oil cooler & turbo return lines 5/16"

Valve Adjustment 200 miles ago

228mm F&S Sports clutch

*Cometic MLS headgasket .120 thickness*

*ARP M10 headstuds*

*E30 M3 SR-440X starter*

*Bosch HO 80amp alternator*

*Oil sandwich plate for turbocharger oil feed, oil cooler, and oil pressure gauge with hoses*

*WIX racing oil filter*

*Radiator hoses*

*Throwout bearing*

*Thermostat (75*C)*

*Dayco drive belt*

*TH400 external oil cooler*

*Hose clamps*

*Valve Cover breather*

Recent water pump

Recored radiator

Pertronix coil

Distributor with new points & rotor

Stock exhaust manifold

All items marked with asterisks on either end are brand new and have less than 200 miles on them (with the exception of the head)

This is not a FULLY complete motor, you need to provide your own intake manifold, spark plug wires, fuel pump, and maybe a few other odds and ends but everything that's listed above comes with the engine.

Please e-mail me at with an offer or to discuss the price. Motor was running before I lost my license so I have to part out my car - does not burn oil or coolant, but has a minor oil pan gasket leak.

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