Fading Brake Pedal

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I did the search and lot's of info on brake bleeding and brake up grades that may help but I'll ask anyway (thanks Bill W for the brake bleed link).

The brakes will lock up the wheels when stomped on but at a traffic light with a very slight grade where little pressure should be required the pedal pressure slowly fades almost to the floor but if I pump them it firms up. I remember a post recently describing this but can't find the thread.

I've had the system vacuum bleed after power bleeding it myself several times so I would be surprised if there is air in the system - but who knows. No leaks and the reservoir is full.

New 320i upgrade with (re-manufactured girlings), new wheel cylinders in rear, ss brake lines and new 2002 MC. I have 320i rear drums to add and might Tii the MC.

I'll continue searching but if anybody wants to throw me a bone...


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Brand new fluid (DOT 4), new pads all around and less than 200 highway miles.

I'm guessing the new MC is defective as both have said so the question is Tii or 530i MC to replace it and do the 320i rear drums at the same time. I would definitely like a firmer pedal with less travel.

Opinions as to best match (easiest to install)?

Part numbers? Tii 34311120478 530i 34311120832


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