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74' 1602 assembled in Portugal

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I'm finally restoring my 74' 1602.

I bought this 74' bmw from a lady who owned it from new. It had been in a garage for 10 years and looked almost immaculate.

The day it was "saved".



Taken by my girlfried, she's been a great fan of this project all along.


Already inside my garage.


Some of the parts were nearly new, like the seats, dashboard...



To see how the original color would look like, i did some detailing on the original paint.....absolutely gorgeous, although i now have some doubts on the future color.


After you start taking everything apart, the "almost rust free" look became the "i can see the floor of the garage from here" look.

One of the places where i never expected to find rust was in the top of the rear shock absorbers, even though i might be fairly common in some 02's, it's rather rare to find such a problem in the cars for sale in Portugal.



Got a new 1600 engine for it and enough spare parts to build anoher two.


Got the car all stripped out



What's been done?

Doors and front fenders....DONE


Top of rear shock absorbsers DONE


By the way, I removed the lower trim....Never liked it!!!

How's it gonna be?

Color: Still thinking if i'm gonna leave the verona red or use some king of metallic grey in the bmw color chart.


Chromed front grill, bbs alloys (i got to have them on every car) and chromed bumpers (no rubber).


Pair of recaro's on front, still trying to find some from an e21, lancia delta or from a porsche.

To do:

Urethane bushings all around.

Build the support to relocate the battery in the trunk

Get some dellorto 40 carburetors.

Maybe i'll use the turbo spoiler on the front

Big brake kit upgrade

Get some decent shocks and springs

Get a decent exhaust line

Steel braided brake line

And it goes on.....

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New recaros!!!!

passenger and driver seat, both for less than 100$ can't ask for more!


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Very nice car.....and I'd love to see more picts of the garage. love that ceiling!

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"She's" a beauty....Paint's already on, starting to put everything together now! Color is the original Verona Red, although it's kinda strange in the photo with all the glare.

I'll update with more pics soon.





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