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? on the trailor hitch on Fleabay

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Anybody going for that one on Fleabay.

I just want to make sure all of us on here are not going head to head on this thing and blowing the final sale price out.

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Hey, is this you matt?

I was going to email you and see if this was you. Your avatar looks like the car I was with in Chicago. Good to see ya if this is you.

These screen names suck. I can never remember who's who.

Yeah, that chicago run was a parts run. The front desk girl thought I was nuts bringing in hoods and axles & such to my room. I smiled and said car crazy.

If it wasn't for my friend coming through Illinios I would have never got it all back. As it was I drove back to Michigan with a trunk open and back seat full.

I get every original hitch for my cars and pull a teardrop. I think this one is going to get whacked way out there though. First day 2 bids brought it up to $255 8 days to go. Last 7 seconds are whats going to whack it.

You going to AR. How about that Tim ski? something. Is he going to go.

Good to hear from you Matt.

EDIT: cd. it is the real deal. been looking for a while now. ya don't see em.

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Yep, it's me.

I'll be heading down with Steve on Fri.

I don't think Tim will make it, he usually has a family commitment this part of April, kids birthday or something.

Looks like another hitch popped up on ebay, $750 bin, seems a bit much.

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Hi Matt.

Do you have a phone number I can call you. Got your email but I don't think that is working.

Thanks Matt.


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