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Horn INOP while lights are on

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Weird... what gives? If it was shorting the horn would just sound when I turned the lights on (as hilarious of an issue as that would be) because the horn wire requires ground to operate the horn. Anyone have this problem before? It's not a big deal because I hardly use my horn nor have i ever honked at night... but you know... it's nice when it works just in case. Thanks in advance-

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Guest Anonymous

This may be a symptom of a problem with your alternator or voltage regulator. Some car parts stores will do free checks of your charging system.

Have you tried swapping the horn relay and the headlight relay? Why? Because it's easy to do. You could have a funked up relay.

Are the fuse holder contacts in your fuse box shiny clean?

Are your ground and other connections clean?

Has your car's wiring been messed with by you or a P.O.?

Try monitoring the output voltage of your alternator with the headlights on and off. Any significant voltage drop w/headlights on?

And please - report any findings.

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