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Tie rod ends...

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I need a set of tie rod ends inner and outer...

I found them on Ebay for 42.00 + 9.00 shipping. I dont know if I can trust Beck Arnley, I know nothing about them...

Is this a good deal ???'>

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Why not just get the entire rod from Ireland engineering or BavAuto? The part number on BavAuto is 32 21 1 103 076. It's a few bucks more and you get the sleeve that the ball joints thread into so you know that it's new as well.

btw, Beck Arnley has been around for quite a while. I've bought a lot of parts with their name on the box, though it's doubtful they are the actual (re)manufacturer. For the cost difference, I'd buy the whole thing though instead of just the tie rod ends.


The price on Ireland Engineering appears to be $42 plus shipping. I believe they are also including not just the tie rods, but the threaded sleeve that they thread into. Give them a call. Part number looks to be 02tr

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