How hot does your exhaust get?

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I recently got my bone stock '76 back from the shop from getting tuned up (valves, timing, solex carb rebuild). It seems to be running pretty well, but the exhaust is hot, even though the cooling system appears to be working according to the temp gauge (I have no reason to believe that it isn't correct). After a spirited drive, i can feel the heat coming from the exhaust from underneath the car, as well as inside the cabin through the transmission hump (I don't have insulation or carpet in yet). It also smells hot which is the part that is the worst, since it gives my wife another reason to tell me to sell it. Anyone have any suggestions, or is this normal? Thanks in advance for your replies!

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Too hot to touch after a drive, but not as hot as a newer car with a catalyst. If you are running without the carpets and insulation, I would expect the car to get hot inside.

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the heat felt is normal - especially more so going naked inside.

Even with normal insulation and carpet - the tunnel is a good place to warm your right hand.

Brings up a point of mine - remember that rotten plate your tossed into

the neighbors pool ?? - make a new one out of sheet and reinstall

it to protect the center d-shaft bearing and rubber mount .

Think about it.

p.s. - if your motor still has operational EGR, and AIR INJECTION,

your generating higher exhaust temps- Best Of Luck!


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Thanks to all for the replies. It seems that it is operating normally. Is there anything i can do about the smell? The resonator and muffler are in pretty good shape on the outside, but the manifold is pretty oxidized, could

this is what causing the hot/burning smell? Prior to fixing it up and getting it running, the car had been sitting for about 4 or 5 years. Is there a way to "clean out" the exhaust system?

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if you see blackened BarbBQue-esk sauce

caked aroung the exhaust manifold stud/nuts -

than your stink is coming from oil leaking out of

the head - through the studs. Normal.

Remove the studs, and clean the threaded holes

of all oil and rust, install new studs with BlueLoctite,

and new washers, with copper self locking nuts.

Stink be gone.

BUT, if your missing the hood sealing rubbers (x2 sides,

and one long one on the underside of the hood) you'll suck fumes

from your fluky cam cover breather, and leaking exhaust

system into the heater vents.

The Stink ist back

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I target somewhere north of 1600f but not over 1800f...

that seems to correspond to an air- fuel in the very high 12's or

very low 13's. Goes fastest there.


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