Mini-MW '02 gtg at my 50th Birthday Party yesterday

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We had my '02, Mike Self's '69 Nevada, Ray Daley's '73 Turkis, Dene Berman's '75 Polaris, Karl Hendrickson's '73 Malaga, & Mike McCarthy's '74 Malaga. That's not to mention the 80-90 other folks who turned out for our backyard shindig. One friend even flew in from Calif. to be here. Anyhow, it was a great time!!

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Thanks. I did manage to talk to my non-'02-type friends at the party. We even got my dad to look over a few of the '02's. He had a '72 Golf in the 1970's. My dad & brother are both engineers, so they enjoyed talking with the technically-oriented (typical) '02 owners.... The Dieter rehab. fund went up by $63 as well that day!

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