The Engine is Finally Out - With Pictures!

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(Not for the faint hearted)

A week after the 318 M10 motor was removed from the E30, it was finally time to get Karl's out. Let's just say, things were a lot worse and took a lot longer than expected! The removal took just over 4 hours as the other car took 2 and a half. Man, installing the new engine is going to be tough and it's going to be hard to motivate the mechanic who's doing it to get the job done. The third and finally part will hopefully be done next Saturday, in the meantime, you guys were right, I'll need a fuel pump, sump, and sump gasket. Everything else was ok to swap over.

Ok ok ok, here's the pictures and this is where some of you might lose your lunch. Seriously, my engine wasn't really this bad until the head and that went wrong but I seriously wouldn't have wanted to see the insides of this guy. There is absolutely nothing that could be salvaged from this mess - the head was gone and there was more water than oil all through it, so the block is useless now too. So sorry guys, there will be no rebuilding of engine number 4270915, it's dead.


I figured I'd start out with the good ones and then just progress to the bad, unless you happen to disagree with this one. I haven't touched Karl in almost 3 weeks, I've seen him, but he's been hidden away behind other cars, so I was eager to get a few nice pictures together. Unfortunately, this wasn't really the case as at this point, I had been up since 4am, worked 7 hours already and had been patiently waiting at the workshop for around 4 hours. So in otherwords, it was around 4pm when this picture was taken (I started work at 545am).


So this is underneath. This was a usual sight even when the engine was going ok. Oil crud and grease always coated everything even all the way down to the diff. I had pressure washed it last year when I did a full service, but it was no use as the stuff came back almost immediately.


This is when things started to get disgusting! Taking off all the radiator hoses just scratched the surface of nastiness! Why am I suddenly reminded of the titanic with this one?


Oil cap - no, that's not normal either :(


Here it comes! My mechanics wife kept teasing it as she couldn't believe how tiny the engine was. She's just used to racing E46's, don't mind her!


My favorite picture! It's finally out!! :)


We'll keep the fly wheel for the other engine along with the headers.


Still in good shape. Most parts we took off needed a lot of scrubbing, cleaning, and kerosene!


Over four hours later, Karl is looking better already and he gets the rest of the weekend on the hoist! This is a good sign seeing as he's lined up for a quicker progress time than what he's been getting. Just gotta buy those three parts previously mentioned, plus the motivation!

Nigh nigh Karl. I'm gonna spray the radiator with metallic silver engine paint on Monday, see you then!

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be careful about spraying the finned part of the radiator with regular paint. It can disrupt much needed air flow.

Glad you are making progress!

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Karl - I hate to tell you this,

but you only had 2-problems -

2 MAIN problems. Oil leaking from the fuel pump

mounting. And oil leaking out of the exhaust manifold studs.

The rest just happened to come along for the ride.

Namely the headgasket/cracked cylinder head.

So ask for the proper mechanical fuel pump

mount nylon insulators for the mounting studs, with

flat metal washers, and self locking nuts. Just

2 of each will keep the pump from coming loose in the future.

Keep yer pecker up and keep-up with the photo updates.


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Thanks C.D.! I want to get this right as much as possible.

The head is cracked, dunno where though. My spare new one will be going on the market very soon seeing as there's no reason to keep it. If any Australians are reading this, that will be for sale along with my aux fan that was never wired up right and loved draining the battery. I never used it anyway, and probably won't need to now either.

Oh the rapture!

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