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7 new carpet sets

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i have 7 14 piece carpet sets that are complete and ready to ship...during my time off work, mending from the accident, i managed to accumulate these....2 different blues....2 different tans....1 black...1 salt & pepper and 1 bluish grey

price is $180.0 which includes shipping via FedX anywhere in the continental U.S.

paypal....check or money order...if you want one say so here then email me with your address and I'll give you the email address for paypal and my home address and phone number

it may be as late as mid next week before i have time to ship them...the last pic is a illustration of the parts & pieces included in sets









i'm also working on a couple of sets now, pictured below and will have them finished within a week....if you want one and don't mind waiting a few days to a week for me to finish let me know and I'll write your name on it



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Jim...i've made several stabs at carpet for the trunk but because of the size of the 2 large bottom pieces, i've been unable to end up with anything i would show anyone or give away much less sell

i haven't given up yet though and will eventually nail far as your carpet....i am unable to even come close to matching of the tans pictured above is as close as i can get...

i believe ACC sells one that's just close to your rug but at $45.00 a yard, i don't buy from them

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i'll be ordering more carpet in a couple of weeks, i'll get enough of the tans and will try really hard to come up with a good trunk email is might want to stay in touch as i get a bit scattered at times and forget what i'm supposed to be doing

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Hey, Esty!

have you thought about doing carpets for E21's? A multi piece kit like the one for 2002's would be great. a matter of fact, yes i am...i recently had a very very nice guy send me a nice, workable and complete e21 carpet so that i can make patterns for the cut & sewn sets for an e21's

i'm playing catch up from being off work for 3 weeks following my accident but making a set for the e21 is way up there on my list of things to do once i do get current with my work and other real life jobs

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can you post pics of the 2 different tans you have?


fred...actually, i have three...i didn't mention the one to the left in the original thread only because it's not finished but is in the pile that i'm working on now....




as far ar the pedal area...i cut the openings in the carpet...all you have to do is slit the trim as much or as little as you'd like...on the ones i used i just made a single slit rather than cutting an opening so that it fits tight against the pedals...but it's a matter of choice


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