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MSD 6A w/ Pertronix, & Red Coil, no ballast resistor? HE

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I've installed and hooked up everything according to the links that I've found with SEARCH fuction on the forum.

12 gauge red wire from the battery

12 gauge black wire to ground.

orange and black wires from the MSD to the Red coil (orange to +ve, and black to -ve)

14 gauge red remote wire from fuse number 12 fuse (this may be where the problem lies)

Pertronix black wire to MSD white wire ( and running the tach from this wire also)

Pertronix red wire to MSD remote wire from MSD module and from fuse #12.

I swapped the red coil to a black coil to a blue coil, and I swapped the plug wires from Bosch 8mm (radio suppression) to stock wires.

There is no spark, but while cranking the engine and one sparkplug taken out and grounded, I did see small puffs of smoke coming from the end of the sparkplug, but did not see a visible spark.

I'm scratching myhead here......could I have hooked up the remote wire incorrectly? should it be on fuse #10?

If I don't get this thing running, I won't make it to Vat the V in May



PS, I have the 8910 tach adaptor box hooked per the


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Guest Anonymous

It's probably the remote wire not getting 12v. Just temporarily hook it up to +12v source and see if it starts. Then you can try to find out why the remote wire/fuse is not getting +12.


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Guest Anonymous

After looking at the wiring diagram, it looks like fuse 11 is the one you need to connect to. That circuit supplies 12v to the coil.

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