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Brakes pulling

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I did a forum search and could not find what I needed

I disconnected the brakes to get the shock cylinders off for repair

After I did this I blead all off the brakes

Pass rear

Drive rear

Pass front

Drive front

I used a Mighty vac

I got a good seal around the bleeder valves but kept getting air after bleeding for a few minutes each on all four brakes

Now the car pulls to the right during braking

Which is the side that I dissconnected

Could this be a leek?

Bad brake booster line?

Bad master cylinder?

Thanks in advance guys


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If everything was fine with braking before you replaced the strut inserts, then it is likely there is air in the system. Usually the pedal is soft w/ air, though.

I would rec a rebleed.

There is the possibility you need to rebuild your calipers too. Is the rest of your suspension fine, eg, ball joints. Are your brake hoses original? They can fail internally and cause poor release of hydraulic pressure on the affected side.

Bubbles during bleeding can be from cavitation too.

Good luck and let us know what happens.

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