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Proper Camber with Hoosier Slicks

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I understand bias ply slicks perform best with less camber than the r-compound radials. So what is a good starting point ? Gonna try slicks with the Atlanta Region SCCA tomorrow at Turner Field. Hoosier R35 Compound

in 7.5 and 10.0 widths on 7 inch Duralites.


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Start with 1/2* neg. in the front. And straight up in the back. Take tire temps and adjust from there. G

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I agree with Gordon

(mostly because he got me started on 'em too)

They do work better than you might think with too much

camber- when I tried the 20x8's, I couldn't get less than -2 static in

back. I thought it was going to be a big problem,

but it really only meant that I was grip- limited by the rear of the car.

So I never got my money's worth out of 'em...

They're surprisingly forgiving. Start off with low pressures- 18- 20 cold.

Hot pressures will come from your temps as well...

I'm hoping to get onto Goodyears this season...


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