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1976 2002 for Sale - Vermont - $3450

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Hello everyone,

The snow has finally melted and it is time for me to travel to my storage facility and pull out the two 1976 02's I own. I now have five collector cars and I have to sell one of them because I no longer have the space at my place to store all of them nor the time to drive them all. My wife has said, now you have to pay rent to store them, enough is enough.

I have decided to sell one of the 02's. It is a 1976 and is an older restoration. Orignally bright green, it is painted metallic gold. VIN # is 2377619 The car is 99.5% complete and has been driven on a regular basis each summer over the past five years (it has been garaged in the summer and stored inside from NOV. to MAY). We have kept true to original equipment (except as noted below) as much as possible.

I know that it does have a 1973 engine without any of the anti -pollution stuff (Solex Carb), the radiator, the clutch and most of the steel brake lines and exhaust have been replaced in the past four years. Glass, window seals, weatherstripping, dash, headliner and interior is good.

One of the rear shock towers has been repaired. Floors and frame rails are solid. Tires are good and it passed Vermont inspection easily each year. It currently has Alpina wheels on it but I plan on swapping these with the stock steel wheels I have on the the other '02. Speedometer works and the mileage is around 145,000.

The worst issue with the car is the lower valance section of the nose piece under the bumper which is partially gone due to age and surface rust. I have an older air dam I bought that goes with the car but it is not installed.

It is not perfect but looks good and would be a fairly low cost good introduction to the model for someone. If you are on the east coast and don't want to travel to CA. or pay the outrageous shipping charges to transport a car, this may be for you.

I have not listed it on e-bay or Craigslist yet as I wanted to see if any of the good folks at this site are interested. BMW2002FAQ is a great site and the members have helped me out quite often. I'll post a picture later and take some new photos once I drive it home. E-mail me if you may be interested. Thank God, I will still have one left................

UPDATED 4/21. I had some e-mails asking for pics. I found a couple that I had taken when I changed insurance companies two years back. I still have to pick it up and I will take more. If you are interested and you email me, I'll send you the newer ones to you. Thanks for the interest.

Steve V.



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