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I need some new shocks for my 73, what would be the best ones to get? and will they effect my tires and make them rub? any info would be great.


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Before anyone jumps all over you, do a forum search. You'll find a bunch of threads that already covered almost everything that you could ask for.

That being said, it breaks down like this:

For what do you use your car? Track only? Daily driver? Weekender? Gentle trips to the mailbox?

Most of us us Bilstein HD or Bilstein Sport. The original supplier, Boge, is now part of Sachs. You can order all of these from Bavarian Autosport (www.bavauto.com). As I understand it, Sachs isn't bad.....they just aren't meant for much. If you are looking to save a few bucks and you only drive your 2002 a few miles every month, no one would frown if you chose them.

However, if you use your 2002 for any kind of spirited, daily or track driveing, you are going to want the Bilsteins. The Sports are a little stiffer than the HDs, but both are great. If you never see the track, HDs will treat you nicley on the road. Of course, there are a few in here that have Sports on their daily drivers and claim that their cars aren't too stiff, so, it might be a matter of preference.

As for myself, I have stock rubber bushings with Ireland Stage 1 Springs and Bilstein HDs all around. This is riding on 14 inch E30 Bottlecap wheels with 185/65 R14 tires. I have a comfortable ride that is certainly stiff enough for carving out the corners with no tire rubbing and no bent wheels.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

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What Clay said. To answer your other question, just changing shocks will not cause your tires to rub, unless they already did before the change. Things that will cause tire rub include wrong wheel offset, too wide tires for your clearance, lowering the car with different springs or shortened struts, etc. Shocks simply damp suspension motion up and down, and thus should not affect ride height by themselves.


'74 tii

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