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Anyone do a 320is steering wheel swap? Looking for tips, I f

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Guest Anonymous

Bay Area'02 page regarding it, but too much info is never enough! I will be doing the swap this weekend.



75 2002

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Guest Anonymous

It's so easy you'll be surprised. I did it on a '76 a little while ago.

Pull the rectangular centerpiece off of the old wheel. It helps if is been sitting in the sun.

Undo the center nut.

Wiggle and pull the old wheel off. its on a splined shaft. Just wiggle it a while.

Make sure that you pay attention to the parts under the wheel (horn ring, turn signal cancellation "cam," and maybe a washer)

The 320is is backwards to the 2002 for the horn contact button/ring arrangement. On the 320is wheel, remove the copper horn

contact ring (you can break it off since you will not need it) Its held on by three plastic round tabs that are popped into holes in the wheel's metal structure.

Take the 2002 's springy horn contact button off the 2002 wheel and put it into one of the three little holes that mounted the 320i's horn ring. If its loose, wrap electrical tape around the button and wedge it in the hole. There may be better ways to do this.

Decide if you'll use the 320is steering wheel shroud (hard plastic) to cover the part of the column left exposed because the 320is wheel is not as deep as

the 2002's. You'll probably need to sand it down a bit to fit. I laid a full sheet of sandpaper flat on the table and sanded the bigger end of the shroud in an orbital pattern.

Keep the 2002's copper horn contact ring in place on the column/trim.

Check the electrical connections on the horn ring and button.

Put it all back together the way it should be.

Your car will now drive faster!

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