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14" tire size choices for '02s.

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I used http://www.powerdog.com/tiresize.cgi to perform these calculations based on a a stock size of 165/80-13 tire.

Tire and Auto manufactures tell us to try and keep tire rolling diameters within 3% of original fitment for speedometer correction as well as many other factors.

Tire size choices for 14" wheels on '02s are... drum roll please..... :)

175/70-14: +1.1 Negligible diameter difference. A perfect tire size for those looking for a vintage look on Neue Klasse 14" wheels with hubcaps on an '02.

185/60-14: -2.8% A little short but gets the job done.

185/65-14: -0.3% Correct rolling diameter, but a slightly oddball size so fewer choices. Correct for wheels up to 6" wide. Another tire for a great vintage look with 14" wheels on an '02.

195/60-14: -0.8% The correct look for 14" tires on '02s and what most people use. The most common tire size as availability is concerned. The most popular 14" tire size for '02s.

195/65-14: +2.5% What comes on E30's as stock. Many people think these are correct but they are slightly tall for '02s.

205/60-14: +1.2% On wheels of 6" to 7" with perfect offset these would be ideal tires.

205/55-14: -2.2% There are quite a few R compound track tires available in this size. Great track wheel/tire size for 14" wheels on an '02.

Hope this helps you all in deciding what 14" tires to run on your '02s.

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