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Open message about all this accident nonsense below:

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Guest Anonymous

Let me first apologize to the group as a whole, and in particular to our gracious hosts Rob and Steve, for bringing my personal axe-grinding session to the public forum. When I made the original post back in August, I was sharing some frustrations with this community--frustrations that maybe some of you understand and sympathize with through experience and circumstance--and I thought it would end with the one post. Now that it has come back around, I'm sorry for the waste of space and for taking the bait last night.

However, if those involved are still reading this, please know that I don't take lightly the semi-threatening email I received this morning, insinuating that things "could get worse than they already are." I have taken note of ISPs and email addresses of those involved here, as well as club memberships, and be assured that if anything untoward happens to myself or my property I *will* be following up with the authorities. A police report of the original incident in August was made and will be referenced. Call me paranoid, but this does not amuse me.

This is where it ends for me. Everybody has the right to be an ***hole when they choose, and I feel I've exercised my rights sufficiently.

Thanks and apologies again.


'75 2002

'76 2002

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