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FAQ Official Buyers and Sellers Feedback Thread!!

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There is a person going by the name of Pavel Jordi Overmars from Surbiton in the UK advertising the engine from a M6 chassis #WBAEE1415J2561765 for sale. It was on a Craig's list add in London. I contacted him and I made arrangements for it to be delivered to a shipper to crate it and ship it to me in the US. I put a deposit on the engine and he immediately stopped all communication.

I transferred the funds to his bank account and I have contacted the bank to inform them about this, I don't expect I will ever hear from him again and I'll chalk this up to a learning experience but I am going to be as public with this as I can and hope to keep someone else from falling for this scam.


I would expect this is not the only BMW based scam he has perpetrated.  Please be careful. 

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Purchased and just received a tii gas tank with bolt on pickup and sending unit from @Artboakrill.  Evidently his tii is very close in production date to my 73, so finding a good gas tank to me was lucky.  He went out of his way to ship the bulky box via UPS Ground from Colorado and it arrived quickly.  The supplied pictures were very detailed and the dent in the bottom was not as bad as I originally thought. Will have it cleaned and treated for transfer into the 73 soon.



As always, my purchases from @BLUNT arrive very quickly and packaged with care.  

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Just bought a 3.9 LSD from RussTii. The price was very reasonable, but I mentioned to him that I was taken off-guard by the prices for half axles, etc. required for the swap. Russ threw in (at no charge!) full, already-modified axles to make the unit a ready-to-bolt-in swap. And he wouldn't even let me pay him for the additional shipping cost for the extra 40 pounds of parts! The parts arrived exactly when he said they would, and in a really sturdy (heirloom quality, even) wooden crate. I can't wait to get everything installed, and I have no doubt the unit is exactly as Russ described. What a great guy! 

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