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Goodfellas Streetmachine


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I also read the whole thing. Very impressive and makes me want to tear my whole car back down and rotisserie it. Great work. Nothing better than seeing someone jump in and do it fearless.

“Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank.”
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Thanks Vandiesel! Blogs of skilled people were a big motivation for me too. They helped a lot when learning new metalwork.


I got the ATS wheels finished. They were sandblasted and powder coated with a little hand sanding in between. Yes they could be a bit wrong color and too shiny but for the money I got them done I'm really happy. Color is white aluminium (RAL 9006) with a clear coat.

Center caps are cheap ones from ebay. They fit really well after a little tuning of the tabs with a file. Valve caps are BBS but I'm not gonna let that bother. Also got new chromed wheel nuts.

Tires I need to think through the winter. I really would like Pirelli CN36. I could pay double the price of some cheap option but the cost is three times. Then there really isn't much between. I'm open to suggestions for 185/70/13 available in Europe.




Racing is Life - everything before and after is just waiting!

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I notice I haven't posted in this thread since I got the "new" wheels finished, wow five years ago! And what is this post about...wait for it....well it's about getting new wheels!


Few words to catch up. I have run the ATS's with some 185/70/13 Petlas tires and been pretty happy with them. As mentioned before the powder coating color didn't come up just as I hoped. The best I can desicribe is that they came out as grey with some pearl and I'd like them to have more silvery shine.


I haven't done much to the car. I got some OEM floor mats that surprisingly are still available. I would have chosen Coco mats but they're non-existent in Europe. Heel pad has a nice logo but the position is a bit off. It should be closer to pedals. The quality seems ok but not superb. I have installed new door seals which are more watertight and produce less wind noise but I need to slam doors so hard that mirrors can't hold adjustment no matter how much they are tightened. And the best 3M glue doesn't hold them in place. I'm unsure if there is more pros than cons.


And to the point. The new wheels are Intra 6x13" ET28. They are in pretty good condition but need blast and paint. This time I'll go with wet paint for better choice of colors. I wish I can find nice center caps for them.







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Racing is Life - everything before and after is just waiting!

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